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I know what my cost is for Botox and Juvederm products from Allergan.

There is almost no way the real product can be offered at Groupon prices.

The only truth with a Botox or Juvederm Groupon is:

                                                     The products they are injecting could be from overseas and made differently
                                                      I unfortunately know of RNs and PAs that import products and these are not FDA regulated
                                                     The products they are injecting could be over-diluted with saline
                                                     The person doing the injection is not properly trained or new to performing the procedures
                                                     They will try to upsell more products of inferior quality at your visit

                                                     The products they are injecting could be expired

 I have many patients come to me who were Groupon victims or had attended a Botox Party

at their Pilates or Laser studio. They presented to me to fix their droopy eyelids or

re-treat them for lack of result from their original “treatment"

and even worse, they had an infection from filler injections.

      Would you go to a discount site for other medical treatments?

          Why would you risk having something injected into your face that you are not confident is the real thing?

This is your face and overall your health

Remember, if a deal sounds too good to be true, it most likely is.

            I truly honor the trust and relationships I have with my patients and would never want to compromise that trust.

There are other ways to save and still be safe.
Brilliant Distinctions is offered by Allergen and always accepted here. 

You are appreciated and rewarded for referring new patients.
Don't miss out on monthly specials to ease the cost of aesthetic treatments.

I love what I do here. 

I am thrilled when my patients are happy with their results and feel great about themselves.
I am grateful for the opportunity to treat you.

For every friend/family you refer who receives their first treatment,
you will get a $25 credit towards your next treatment! And...
There is no limit on how many friends/family you can refer!
At Long Island Botox and Aesthetic Rejuvenation Center we appreciate your trust 

and would like to honor your loyalty.

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